Visiting a church can be very intimidating, we know because we have all been there. So this page is designed to help guide and prepare you for your first visit to Bridge Church Port Alfred. This will help you understand what we are about and what to expect.

At Bridge Church Port Alfred we love making guests feel welcome and at home. Take a moment to go through this page and we look forward to meeting you on Sunday.

On the day, we would encourage you to come early for the service, or consider staying late afterwards to enjoy something from our amazing Café onsite.

Service times, location & Parking


9am Service

Auditorium doors open at 8:45am


Westside, 8 Sea Valley Estate St, Port Alfred, 6170


When you enter the Bridge Church Port Alfred parking lot, someone from our car parking team will be directing traffic. We even have special parking reserved for first time guests. To let us know that you’re here for the first time, please turn on your hazards when entering the parking

What to expect

Our kids ministry also catars for age appropriate environments as follows:


Ages 1 – 3

Ages 4 – 5

Grades R – 1

Grades 2 – 4


Join us on-site for YOUTH every Friday from 6pm – 8:30pm

Common Question


Your precious ones will be cared for in a separate facility, close to the main auditorium, which is fully secured and staffed by some of our most experienced (and vetted) legend volunteers. For parents with very young children, we have a fully equipped parents’ room where you can enjoy the service while looking after your little ones.


One of our amazing volunteers who serve in the host team, will help you to find a great spot in the auditorium on your Sunday visit.


When you enter the auditorium, you will be met by one of the volunteers from our host team who will show you to a seat.