Moving beyond where we are today,
to something better.

Moving beyond requires His Presence.

Moving Beyond requires our Passion

Moving Beyond leads us to Purpose. His purpose.

Moving Beyond:

In the vastness of creation, the pathway to elevation,
Is shaped by our choices and eternal contemplation,
A journey of purpose, of faith and true inspiration,
We’re Moving Beyond at His invitation.

All beginning from this our current location,
A different perspective and a different duration,
No longer restricted we fear no limitation,
We’re Moving Beyond with no reservation.

Despite the frustration or apparent stagnation,
We pursue His presence and vast revelation,
By putting Him first, in worship, in life and sincere meditation…
We’re Moving Beyond with His validation.

His presence ignites our personal formation,
Our passion, our efforts, and our preparation,
No matter our role, vocation, or station,
We’re Moving Beyond with profound celebration.

Our passion for His presence our new dedication,
To fulfilling His purpose; our complete restoration,
Our journey defined with His affirmation,
We’re Moving Beyond; our new proclamation.

So… With comfort and hope and true admiration,
We praise and we worship with all adoration,
The meaning of life enjoys this explanation,
We’re Moving Beyond; it’s an eternal motivation.